As DEFI Portfolio, our main investment philosophy is to exhibit stable and active portfolio management in a way that adds value to our clients' assets. Medium and long-term investment plans are made with a careful and well-structured, disciplined investment process as a result of Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, On-Chain Analysis with a micro and macroeconomic perspective.


Expertise-oriented institutional investment decision-making process.
Active portfolio management strategy.
Fundamental, technical, and on-chain analysis and research-oriented approach.
Asset selection process aimed at the best return.
Establishing a portfolio structure compatible with risk level and return expectation.
Disciplined portfolio management depending on risk level.

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Why should I invest in cryptocurrency?

Blockchain technology has brought new investment trends to our internet-based world. Cryptocurrencies, which are considered a new alternative to the traditional investment world, are at the center of these trends. The global trend in cryptocurrencies, which are high risk and high return, is still in its infancy. Investments made in this sector before the adoption of the entire world will be the key to obtaining large returns in the future.

As of March 2022, the sum of all crypto assets has approximately the same market value as Microsoft ($2 Trillion), and this trend is expected to increase further in the coming period. Like the Tesla company, which owns 48,000 Bitcoins, players around the world are using crypto assets to protect themselves against the expansion of the money supply. Given rising inflation rates and central banks constantly increasing the money supply, investors are increasingly considering using crypto assets as a digital store of value.

Early crypto investors have a long and bright path ahead of them, just as visionaries who predict that the internet will engulf the whole world invest in this technology. There are many risks as well as many returns. Sufficient time and a professional approach following sound investment practices are all it takes to earn.

Cryptocurrency investments can turn into gambling when made with sufficient dedication and without research. In order to consciously analyze cryptocurrency movements, detailed research on the risk/reward balance is required by examining features such as on-chain analysis, whale movement tracking, blockchain value metrics, developer contributions and community development, as well as technical analysis and fundamental analysis knowledge. It is difficult for most investors to follow the world of crypto assets, which has a very high tempo and is developing every day. For this reason, DeFi Portfolio was established as Turkey's first Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Company to add value to your investments.

Why should I use Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management?

How do you choose projects to invest in?

Similar to venture capital firms, important research is being carried out for projects to be invested in. The teams of the projects, the value of the ideas, the contribution to the financial system, the acceptance by the community along with the past price movements are the most important preference stages. On the other hand, the movements of crypto currency exchanges and venture capital firms that are followed around the world are also examined and the portfolio content is decided.

How do you manage risk in a high volatility environment

Since Bitcoin is the most important actor directing the Cryptocurrency market, we primarily follow Bitcoin movements. On the other hand, we focus on the market value and total locked value (TVL) of the invested protocols. The popularity of the project on social media is another metric followed. By analyzing our portfolio with machine learning and artificial intelligence projections, we focus more on the Stable Cryptocurrency Portfolio during bear market periods.

Where are the investments collected?

Cryptocurrency Portfolio is kept on decentralized platforms called CEX and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (BTCTurk, Paribu, Binance, GATE etc.) and DEX. Decentralized exchanges are preferred because they have a great potential and different return methods such as lending, farming, staking, and liquid farming can be used.

Which crypto assets are not invested in?

Crypto assets are known to carry high risk, high return. On top of that, a riskier investment move is not entered into. For this reason, margin transactions, futures transactions, public offering transactions (ICO, IDO, IEO), NFT trading, mining transactions and short-term trading transactions are not carried out.

Which portfolios can be participated in?

Currently, it is possible to participate in two different portfolios within DeFi Portfolio. The first is the portfolio called the Mixed Fund, which includes professionally selected cryptocurrencies with high volatility and return potential. The other is the Stable Fund, which consists of stable cryptocurrencies with lower volatility and lower return potential compared to cryptocurrencies and whose value is fixed to the US Dollar.

In the Mixed Fund, very high returns and losses can be experienced according to the movements of cryptocurrencies, while in the Stable Fund, the evaluation of stable cryptocurrencies with much less volatility on different platforms is a portfolio with variable returns. Investors who want high returns prefer the Mixed Fund, while investors who want higher returns than the environment where the exchange rate interest rates in Turkey are 0.5% annually, prefer the Stable Fund.

What are Cryptocurrency Portfolio commissions?

There are two types of commissions due to the management of the Cryptocurrency Portfolio. Portfolio management fee and performance fee. If a Mixed Fund is preferred, a 5% fund management fee and a 20% performance fee over the profited amount are deducted when the investment is made. When a Stable Fund is preferred, a 1% fund management fee and a 1% performance fee over the profited amount are deducted when the investment is made.

What are the Crypto Portfolio entry limits?

You can enter crypto currency funds with 1000 TL.

When can I log in/out of the system?

After approving the contracts on our website for participation in the portfolio, the investment amounts sent to us through the relevant banks are transferred to the portfolio within T+3 working days and your ratio in the total portfolio can be viewed. Likewise, when you want to leave the portfolio, the transfer is made to your account within T+3 working days after your order given over the system.

Is there a tax deduction in the Crypto Currency Portfolio?

There is currently no withholding or income tax due to the absence of any regulatory regulation on cryptocurrency earnings.

When should I realize what I have earned from the Crypto Currency Portfolio?

DeFi Portfolio aims to provide absolute returns in the long term with a strategy-oriented approach. Because cryptocurrencies are very risky, the thought of investing should be carefully considered. Since there are no short-term buy-sell transactions in our portfolio, participation in the portfolio should be ensured with a long-term investment thought. Since cryptocurrencies have cyclical movements like traditional investment instruments, it is estimated that maximum return can be achieved if they are kept for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.


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