Our Mission
DeFi Portfolio has made it its mission to both inform its customers about the crypto currency markets and create long-term values by making profits. To raise awareness at this point in Turkey by proving together with our stakeholders that crypto currency is a safe investment tool.
Our Vision
DEFI Technology Inc. With the crypto currency funds it manages, it offers value-added solutions to both individual and institutional investors. DEFI Teknoloji A.Ş., which provides qualified portfolio management services to institutional and individual investors with DeFi, WEB3, NFT, Layer 2, Metaverse coins/tokens traded on central and decentralized crypto currency exchanges. (DEFI Portfolio) is one of the first crypto currency portfolio management companies in Turkey with its wide product range and expertise in crypto currency management.
Our Founder

Dr. Murat Akdağ Dr. Murat Akdağ, who wants to contribute to the crypto currency ecosystem by leaving his 12-year corporate working life at the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and Vakıflar Bankası TAO. Murat AKDAĞ completed Industrial Engineering and Business Administration undergraduate programs. He was interested in machine learning and artificial neural networks in his master's degree, and completed his master's degree in Industrial Engineering by presenting his thesis named "Inflation Forecasting with Box-Jenkins and Artificial Neural Network Models". He completed his PhD in Economic Development and International Economics with his doctoral thesis titled "Crypto Parallelization and an Application for the Turkish Economy". Our founder has articles and book chapters about cryptocurrencies in domestic and foreign magazines.

Since 2015, it has been taking part in the crypto currency ecosystem and continues its investments in the crypto currency market such as buying, selling, arbitrage, public offering, futures, margin, defi, lending, farming, liquidity mining.

Crypto Monetization and an Application for the Turkish Economy.
The effects of Monetary Expansion in the USA on Bitcoin, Gold and S&P500.
An Evaluation of the Central Bank Digital Currency.
Examining the volatility spread in Bitcoin and other assets.
Bitcoin Price Prediction with Stock Flow Model and Facebook Prophet Algorithm.
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Our company, which started out as Turkey's first Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Company, is located in this sector, which is more risky than traditional markets, and therefore has a higher return, with its strategic portfolio management, where professionals specialized in crypto currency markets and global wide information resources are used.
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